Bomb Threats Force Two Airplanes to Land With Fighter Jet Escort

delta airplane flyingThere was a lot of fear in the air today, particularly coming from passengers flying on two different planes today. Fighter jets were called to escort two passenger planes after credible bomb threats were made through Twitter. The FBI is involved in the security situation and found that the threats were serious enough to have both planes land at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, escorted by fighter jets.


The two planes were Southwest Airlines Flight 2492 was flying from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Delta Air Lines Flight 1156, which originated in Portland, Oregon.

The Atlantic Journal-Constitution reported that the source of the tweets came from a Twitter handle called "King Zortic" and they read:

I have a bomb on one of your planes, but I forgot which one when I left the airport. Can you help me find it?

It was from Portland to Atlanta, I forgot the flight number, though. It was something like DL156 or DL 1556 I forgot the order.

It was smuggled through one of the back entrances because the airport didn’t have much security around one of the entrances so the bomb is at the back of the plane. Everyone will know when it’s detonated.

A bomb was placed on SWA2492. It will be detonated at a random time of my choosing.

If anything happens to me I’ll make sure that more flights are targeted. I strongly suggest you don’t try anything stupid.

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Both planes landed safely in a secure section of the Atlantic airport. It was met by bomb squads and dog teams as passengers were taken off the planes to be re-screened. I'm sure there were some tense moments on those planes. I'm thankful they both landed without incident. Authorities are taking this threat very seriously and are investigating.

Does this threat change your thoughts on flying?


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