Brave Dog Does Most Amazing Thing to Escape Horrible Situation

If you remember the case of Aron Lee Ralston, the man who amputated his own arm with dull knife in order to free himself from being stuck from underneath a boulder, then you'll be really impressed with Courtney, the dog who chewed off her own foot to escape being tied up in the cold.


Police in Detroit, Michigan are looking for two men who were caught in surveillance camera tying up a 2-year-old mixed breed puppy with a leash outside of a Walmart.

As the temperatures dropped and the dog became more frantic, she apparently chewed off her own foot in an attempt to escape!

She only survived the ordeal because the leash was tied so tightly around her foot it ended up staunching the blood flow, as did the cold temperatures.

Finally, a Walmart employee noticed that the dog had been tied up for a long time and called animal control. They arrived to find the dog's foot missing. Surgeons at a veterninary hospital later found the foot inside of her stomach. Ugh!

Local rescue group 4 Paws 1 Heart took the poor pooch in, where she is recovering after having her entire leg amputated.

Despite her ordeal, the dog is said to be super friendly, with a tail that "won't stop wagging." Ah, dogs, what they can teach us about life, eh?

Hopefully the scumbags who did this will be caught and arrested.

Courtney, as she's been named, is up for adoption with Hopeful Heart Rescue.

If anyone deserves a good home, she does.

Image via 4 Paws 1 Heart

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