'Deadbeat Dad' Threatened with Jail Over Child That Isn't His (VIDEO)

A man is fighting to stay out of jail after being labeled a deadbeat dad -- for a baby he never fathered. Carnell Alexander, of Detroit, Michigan, was arrested at a traffic stop when a cop realized he was wanted for non-payment of child support. The problem? He was not the child's father.


Alexander has been fighting the paternity suit since 1991 when he learned that the whole thing started when an ex-girlfriend who had had a baby was told by welfare workers that she could not receive assistance unless she put the baby's father's name down on documents. She decided to put Alexander's name down, and the state has been after him ever since.

However, DNA tests taken in the course of the suit proved he was not the child's daddy. You would think this would be the end of it, but this is the government we're talking about. It continued to hound Alexander for payments and put a warrant out for his arrest.

Alexander continued to refuse to pay for a child he not only didn't father but had only ever seen once for a DNA test, and said he would rather go to jail than do so.

It looked like jail it might be, but after a local TV station ran his story, a lawyer stepped up to represent him pro-bono. Alexander turned himself in, went to court, and the case was put on hold so that his attorney can gather all of the facts and argue his case.

Alexander wanted to go to court so he can make his case known, not just for himself, but for other "fathers" out there in the same boat.

There is absolutely NO doubt that any man who is NOT a baby's father should not be ordered to pay child support payments. Thank goodness we have DNA testing now so we can know who's the daddy.

Hopefully Alexander keeps fighting, and he wins.

Meanwhile, states really need to rethink their policy of demanding fathers' names on welfare documents. It could encourage women to do exactly what happened here, putting down any man's name.

Just a reminder, guys. Protect yourselves if you're going to be sexually active. A box of condoms is cheap. Child support payments are not.

Image via Action News 7

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