Kids Denied Entry to School Because of Their Parents' Relationship

school campus kidsBrian Copeland of Nashville, Tennessee, is speaking out about how his children have been denied admission to the private school Davidson Academy because he is gay. Copeland is married to Greg Bullard and they have two children -- a son preparing to enter pre-k and a daughter who is 8 months old. 


It is truly disturbing to think that a school would deny a child an education because his parents are gay. This is discrimination. It is wrong. It is unacceptable. And if my children were enrolled in that school, I would remove them and find them a learning facility that doesn't discriminate. The school is setting an example of intolerance.

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Copeland said that he had a scheduled meeting with the people at school for a tour, but he received a letter on January 14 from a school official that the meeting was cancelled and that "another education provider would be a better fit for your children" because the kids are raised by two dads.

Davidson Academy's website states that the school is interdenominational and Christian. Bullard, the children's dad, is a pastor at Covenant of the Cross, a Christian church. Dad Copeland is a real estate agent. Copeland went public with the story noting how discrimination "hurts no matter how many times you go through it." He did omit the name of the school on his Facebook page, but reporters were able to figure it out. Copeland wrote:

We chose this school because of its rigorous faith-based K-12 academics and extracurricular activities; and, a friend with a son there asked them if a family like ours would be allowed and was told yes. After a phone conversation, fully disclosing we are a two-dad family, an appointment was set for us. I receive this letter canceling our appointment without even getting a chance.

No one from Davidson Academy has spoken out yet, but its admission policy does state that they "believe strongly in a strict interpretation of the Scriptures regarding the institution of marriage." I think more people need to know about this. Discrimination is wrong. We have come a long way when it comes to gay rights, but certainly not far enough. It is schools like this that perpetuate intolerance. The parents of children who attend the school need to speak up in order for a real change to be made.

Do you think this school should change its policy?

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