Teacher Thinks Teens Who Were Sexually Assaulted Should 'Shut Up & Enjoy It'

Let's face it, there is a double standard when it comes to teens having sex with their teachers. If a female teen does it, the teacher is likely to end up in the clink for a very long time and the crime is considered horrific and no less than rape. If a teen boy does it, it's practically considered heroism, and the teen boy is applauded. This double standard exists, but it does not make it right. Which is why one male teacher is in hot-for-teacher water after he publicly defended two female school teachers who were caught having sex with teen boy students.


The teacher, Sean Kane, works at a school in Orange County, California, where two female teachers had been arrested after allegedly throwing an alcohol-fueled sex party on the beach for some male students. The women, Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli, are 38 and 30 respectively; it's unclear how old the male teens were.

But the male teacher seems to think this is all the boys' fault -- for opening their mouths! He reportedly ranted on Facebook:

As many of you know especially those of you whom were once former students and now adults and are my friends on facebook and posting about it two female teachers (colleagues of mine) got arrested for going on summer vacations with and sleeping with some of the male students ... Hey ... all I gotta say is EVERYONE KNEW MISS [redacted] who was the high school algebra teacher (who also flunked me twice for not "showing my work") w/as fucking the popular senior boys at my highschool when I was there. So what?! ... All I want to know is what the fuck is in the heads of the dudes who banged these ladies and then squealed? ... Shit man! You should have just kept your stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it. I have no idea what the fuck is going on anymore.

Oh, yiiiikes!!! Horrible thing to say, but at the same time, it's the kind of thing you will see male commenters write on every story about a female teacher having sex with a male student -- especially if the teacher is remotely attractive.

Whether or not a teen boy actually invited the sexual conduct at the time is REALLY besides the point -- it's illegal, end of! Not only that, a teen is not capable of deciding whether or not entering into a sexual relationship with an adult, especially an adult who is in charge of his or her education, is the right thing to do! There could be far reaching consequences, which the teen isn't remotely thinking about at the time. It's up to the adult to think for both parties.

Surely, female teachers can find adults to have sex with -- and leave the sexual awakening of teen boys to teen girls.

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Kane has been suspended from the school. Unfortunately, it's his kind of attitude that not only creates an atmosphere of teen boys being reluctant to turn down the advances of adult females, but reluctant to report it to the police too.

Do you think it's different for teen boys and girls?


Image via Orange County Police

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