Nursing Moms Told to Leave Babies at Home During Breastfeeding Summit

We've come a long way in the fight to feed our babies as we see fit, even if directly from the source, via mom's breasts. Breastfeeding in public used to be a taboo topic, but it seems nowadays that most people don't give it second thought. Which is why this news is so bizarre: Nursing moms attending a breastfeeding conference in Edinburgh were politely asked to leave their babies at home.


Um ... way to promote breastfeeding, guys. Come learn about how to accommodate nursing mothers ... by not accommodating nursing mothers.

The government-sponsored event is set to take place next month in Scotland, at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium. Moms who called in advance to find out about taking their infants to the event were reportedly informed by officials that the stadium "is not designed to accommodate breastfeeding."

Those in charge said they didn't expect any nursing babies to be in attendance. Again, this is a conference to "promote the use of breast milk."

One campaigner speaking out against the bizarre policy, Dr. Lesley Taylor, 31, said, "A few asked if they could bring a nursing child or requested an aisle seat in case they needed a quick getaway with their baby ... but they were told the summit could not 'accommodate' breastfeeding."

She continued, "The advert for the event said the Government is trying to break down the barriers to breastfeeding ... they should be setting an example and being the change they hope to see."

Scottish Labour Minister Elaine Smith also stated, "It's astonishing that breastfeeding mothers were not welcome at a conference on the very issue."

When moms emailed officials to inquire about bringing their babies along, they were reportedly told that the event was "mainly aimed at professionals and service providers" and "we ask babies and infants are not brought along."

Thankfully, the event planners wised up and realized that maybe the best way to promote breastfeeding of infants is to not ban breastfeeding moms from their breastfeeding summit. Oyza. Anyway, a Scottish government spokesman said, "We have arranged for an extension to the baby changing facilities and a quiet area to ensure all who wish to attend can."

As it should be.

Are you surprised that officials didn't anticipate nursing mothers wishing to attend a breastfeeding conference?


Image via Ozgur POYRAZOGLU/Flickr

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