Crafty Crime Mom Leaves Baby in Car While She Robs Convenience Store

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: never, ever, ever leave your child in the car. Never. Doesn’t matter if your parents did it all the time when you were a kid and you grew up to be totally fine (except for that crippling, involuntary facial twitch whenever you hear a door lock), doesn’t matter if you just need to run inside real quick-like to get some toilet paper because all you’ve got is one-ply and you had a kale/corn/apricot salad with extra prunes for lunch, NEVER DO IT. Unless you’re robbing the store. That is literally the only time it’s okay, and I for one commend this Delaware mom for her quick thinking when she decided to leave her infant in an idling taxicab as she held up a convenience store.


I mean, honestly, what are you supposed to do with your baby when you’re pointing a gun at a terrified 19-year-old clerk? You can’t just hold the infant on your hip while you’re demanding cash and whatnot, which is why 29-year-old Amanda Paoletti left her baby in the cab outside. It was 3:26 a.m., so I’m sure the baby was tuckered out from Mommy’s various crime sprees, and I bet the child was just as comfy as could be, nestled in amongst the cocaine and drug paraphernalia that was discovered later.

Besides, there was the nice taxi driver to take care of the baby if anything went wrong! This mom was just making sure everything that evening was safe and normal: she called a cab for her and her baby, like you do; she went to the Wawa convenience store in Wilmington, Delaware, like you do; and walked inside to rob the store while her 1-year-old stayed in the car. Like you do.

Is that really worth making a fuss over? I’m sure the baby was wholly unaware of her mother’s actions, or perhaps she was cheering her on: go, Mommy, go! Get me a new binky while you’re at it! The clerk seems to be willing to do whatever you say, maybe because you’re pointing a gun in her face!

Sadly for Paoletti, it didn’t take long for the cops to find her and charge her with robbery, possession of drugs, and endangering the welfare of a child. She’s now being held on $8,000 bond and is probably planning her next baby-sidekick heist. Pro tip: baby carriers make for easier getaways, especially if you have to dodge a hail of police gunfire.

Seriously, can you even believe this story? What the hell was this lady thinking?

Image via Delaware State Police

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