Teacher Caught on Camera Dragging Student 160 Feet Down Hallway (VIDEO)

A teacher was fired and faces a potential assault charge for dragging a 6-year-old boy down a hallway. Video shows the Kentucky teacher, Ashley Silas, dragging the little boy 158 feet along a slick floor while she calmly gazes into her cellphone.


After video of the incident emerged, the teacher was fired. But she later testified before an appeals panel that the boy, who had special needs and was acting up in the classroom, needed to be removed, but he plonked himself down and refused to walk. She also said that he was actually enjoying being dragged along the floor.

Check out the video and see what you think:


But Bullitt County prosecutors have filed assault charges against the woman, despite the fact that he was apparently not harmed during the dragging.

Yet despite being fired, Silas was reinstated to her teaching position thanks to a successful appeal. She was assigned to a different school, this time teaching middle and high schoolers.

While it's wrong to drag a child down a hallway, which could potentially injure him or her, I do feel for teachers who deal with children. They are not always the best behaved, let's face it. And sometimes children do need to be removed from the classroom or presence of other kids.

To me, this seems like a case of the teacher not being properly trained and the school not having a plan in place for situations like this. Perhaps policy should be when a child refuses to move, he is kept in place and watched. Or that someone else must come help a teacher.

But it doesn't seem like Silas was deliberately trying to abuse, hurt, or embarrass the child. She just wanted him to move.

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The little boy's parents, however, are totally outraged. And the little boy denies he was enjoying the ride down the hallway.

Still, I feel for teachers these days. I really do!

What do you think?


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