2-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Himself to Death During Family's Moving Day


The Ahles family were in the middle of moving to a new home in Hernando County and were carrying boxes to and from the home they were leaving in Misty Woods, a neighborhood in East Lake, Florida. In the chaos of moving, father Kevin Ahles put his son Kaleb in the front seat of the car for a minute so he could get some more boxes. Kaleb ended up opening the glove box and found his dad's loaded .380 caliber handgun and the 2-year-old shot himself in the chest. The child died.


Kaleb's dad, Kevin, 23, heard the shot and ran out to the car along with mother Christina Nigro, also 23. Other family members who were helping with the move all rushed to the Nissan as well. Christina performed CPR, but Kaleb died from the single gunshot wound to his chest. The gun was legally owned. At a news conference, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said:

He probably barely got the trigger pulled. Nobody could punish the parents more than they'll punish themselves. It appears to be another tragic situation. It's just one of those things that happens where everything happens the wrong way.

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This is truly an awful tragedy, a terrible accident. If you have ever moved when you have children, especially young children, you know how hectic it is. Where to put the kids so they stay out of the boxes and out of the way can be a challenge. This dad thought he was doing the right thing, helping the situation, but the glove compartment was unlocked, the gun was loaded without a safety lock, and a 2-year-old somehow had the ability to pull the trigger with the gun aimed at his chest. And all it takes is one second, one misstep, and something awful can happen. With guns around, that one misstep is fatal.

This is yet another wake-up call to anyone who owns a gun. Please practice gun safety. While we cannot bring Kaleb back, we could prevent another tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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