St. Louis Police Officers Shoot & Kill 19-Year-Old 'Armed' Teenager

Police officers in St. Louis reportedly fatally shot an armed teenager who they say refused to follow orders and drop his gun on Wednesday night. The 19-year-old boy was allegedly a passenger in a car that had been reported stolen in December and that police were tailgating right before the shooting. The car reportedly crashed into a wall and the engine stopped. Police say that was when the teen got out of the vehicle with a Tec 9 firearm in his hand and attempted to flee the scene.


The officers say they ordered the young man to drop his weapon, but that he didn't follow their command. They reportedly shot him and he died later that evening at the hospital.

Considering how this incident took place just five months after the contentious killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown by a Caucasian police officer, it's impossible not to mention the races of everyone involved, as crazy as it seems to have to do so. The 19-year-old passenger was African-American. One of the police officers involved in the shooting was Caucasian, and his partner was African-American.

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The driver of the stolen vehicle, who was African-American, was reportedly taken into police custody.

The New York Times recently reported that the Justice Department will likely recommend that no civil rights charges be brought up against Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot Brown in August. We're not yet sure whether this news—in addition to the most recent shooting of this armed St Louis teen—will bring about even more protests in a city that has experienced an incredible amount of tension since the summer.

What are your thoughts on this shooting?


Image via Paul Sableman/Flickr

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