Snake Jumps Out From Home Store Cabinet & Latches Onto Shopper's Face (VIDEO)

Snakes sure can end up in some weird places. Whether it's a daycare, a toilet, or a loaf of bread, snakes always seem to pop up where you least expect them to. Take this slithery critter, who somehow ended up in a Lowe's department store cabinet.


Reportedly, a shopper opened a cabinet at a Lowe's in Corinth, Mississippi, and a snake struck out and attached its jaws on his face. Luckily, the "chickensnake" was not venomous, but I'm sure that didn't do much to assuage the shopper as he stood there with a snake on his face.

A witness told WMC-TV that the snaked jumped out from the top cabinet and bit the man "right between the eyes," and the man began "wailing and screaming." You would too!

The witness says that it took first responders to cut the animal off the man's head. Which means the poor man stood there with a snake attached to his face for quite awhile, I imagine. Shudder!

Lowe's says it is launching an investigation as to how the snake got in the cabinet, but a snake expert says his best guess is that it was shipped there from a warmer climate.

The victim was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover, but I bet that is one guy who will never open a cabinet again without a lot of angst. Hell, he may never open anything ever again. Not sure I would.

Is this your worst nightmare?

Image via WMC-TV

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