Cruel Daycare Worker Caught Kicking a Sleeping Toddler's Head (VIDEO)

daycare worker kicks toddler

There is only ONE thing that would make me feel a teeny, tiny bit better about finding out that someone at my child’s daycare had abused my toddler, and that’s if there was undeniable proof that they committed a crime. Honestly, it probably wouldn’t make me feel better, but at least I could be assured that they would be found guilty instead of going by hearsay or watching them escape scot-free after hurting my baby. That’s the one bit of solace I’m taking from this awful video from a Florida daycare, which shows exactly what an employee of the Kids Stop and Play daycare did to a 16-month-old.


Mom Crystal Faggione told investigators she left her daughter at a Pasco County daycare on Saturday, and when she picked her up several hours later, the little girl had abrasions under her eye and on the side of her face and a bald patch in her hair. When she called the center to discuss the injuries, she was told by a staffer that the abrasions were not caused at the facility.

After feeding her daughter, Faggione discovered more marks, and that’s when she decided to take action.

I took her up to the day care and I said, ‘This did not happen in my house. This happened here.’

She then took her child to a local hospital where medical staff called the police. Authorities reviewed surveillance video from the daycare facility, at which point they were able to observe Linda Klemm, 48, intentionally kicking the girl on the top of her head while she was sleeping. She was then seen dragging her foot over the side of the child's face.

Here’s a clip of the incident, if you can stomach it:

Jeez. I have no idea why that lady treated a toddler that way, but thank god she was caught. She apparently has four children of her own, which makes this all the more disturbing.

When confronted with the evidence, Klemm insisted she was innocent, despite a detective showing it to her more than a dozen times.

She wouldn't admit to kicking the child in the head, and when I would pause it and go frame by frame, she wouldn't admit to it.

Well, no matter what she says, it’s plain as can be that she’s hurting that little girl on purpose — and apparently just for the fun of it. Crystal Faggione says her daughter is doing okay now, and Klemm has been fired and arrested on child abuse charges. Hopefully she’ll get the maximum legal punishment so she has plenty of opportunity to regret her actions and get help for whatever behavior issues drove her to do that in the first place.

Aren’t you glad this place had cameras? What do you think that woman was thinking, doing that to a toddler?

Image via Daily Mail

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