Man Learns of Son He Never Knew He Had After Finding Wife's ​Hidden Letter (VIDEO)

At 81 years old, an elderly man feels like he just had a newborn, thanks to a resentful wife. Tony Trapani, 81, was cleaning out old filing cabinets when he says he discovered a shocking letter: It was from a woman he knew decades ago who informed him that he was the father of her baby boy. But he never saw the letter. He believes his wife intercepted the life-changing letter and hid it for over 50 years.


The letter began:

I have a little boy. He is five years old now. What I’m trying to say Tony is he is your son. He was born November 14th, 1953.

The letter was sent when the boy was almost 5, but it never reached Trapani -- he believes his wife kept the letter and never told him about it because the two were unable to have children.

The elderly man is clearly distraught at losing out on so much time with his son, who is now 61. He told Fox 17 that his wife always wanted children, but he still seems baffled that she would be so cruel as to not tell him about the letter.

Meanwhile, his son, Samuel Childress, grew up thinking his dad never wanted him.

It's easy to blast the wife and say what a selfish woman she is, but I do wonder which of us would not be tempted to dispose of a letter from a woman telling our husband he has a child with her?

This was decades ago, she was probably financially dependent on her husband. Maybe she worried that if he realized he had a son with another woman, he would ditch her since she couldn't have kids and reunite with the one who could.

But it is a terrible shame that these two could have had such a different life if only they'd known about each other. Too bad this wasn't in the days of Facebook and email.

The pair plan on getting to know each other now -- but before they get to know each other too well, they are going to have a paternity test done.

But, hey, even if it comes back negative, sounds like they've each found a new friend!

What would you have done in the wife's position?

Image via Sky News/YouTube

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