Bakery Under Investigation for Refusing to Make 'God Hates Gays' Cake

A bakery owner is under investigation because she refused to decorate a cake with anti-gay sentiments. Azucar Bakery in Denver, Colorado, is reportedly in hot water with the government after its owner refused to decorate a cake with words like "God hates gays" and an image of two men holding hands with a big X on top of them.


The man who reportedly ordered up this darling little cake is named Bill Jack, and when the bakery refused to place his order, he reported it to the Civil Rights division of the Department of Regulatory Agencies, which is currently investigating whether Jack was discriminated against because of his religious views.

The bakery's owner, Marjorie Silva, says that Jack came into her bakery last year and presented her with a slip of paper with the sentiments he wanted on the cake. Yet he must have known his request wasn't going to go over well, as he reportedly refused to say the words out loud or let employees copy the paper.

Silva told KUSA-TV:

After I read it, I was like 'No way.' We're not doing this. This is just very discriminatory and hateful.

Jack is reportedly the founder of Worldview Academy, a so-called Christian organization. He says that it's unfair of Silva to accuse him of discrimination when it is HE who was discriminated against.

Sounds like a dude just trying to cause trouble. Sounds like he thinks since small businesses have gotten in trouble for refusing to serve gays, then they should also get in trouble for refusing to serve douchebags like him.

I trust and hope that this investigation will quickly be dismissed.

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There is a difference between discriminating against people for their sexual orientation, and refusing to be a party to hatred. Just because you cloak your hatred under the guise of religion (or patriotism or racial pride or anything else) doesn't mean it should be given a free pass. Plenty of religions used to believe in human sacrifice ... doesn't mean they can make a comeback now and claim religious freedom. 

Bad time to be a bakery owner.

Do you think the bakery should have made his cake?


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