7 Kids Allegedly Removed From Home Over a Mineral Supplement

A homeschooling family with seven kids recently got the shock of their lives when law enforcement invaded their home looking for a "magical" supplement that was reportedly used by the father. Even though the substance in question is perfectly legal, and reportedly only used by the father, the children were nonetheless removed from the home for three days.


Last Monday, Hal Stanley of Hot Springs, Arkansas, opened his front door to find a group of police officers with a search warrant. It turns out the were looking for a product called Miracle Mineral Solution, which is completely legal, and can be purchased online. The product claims to "help treat cancer and other illnesses," but the FDA warns that in certain circumstances, it can "morph into a bleach and cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea."

Side note: It's not illegal to keep bleach in the house either. Just saying.

Anyway, Stanley claimed that he was the only member of the family to take MMS, and that he uses mostly as a water purifier for his garden. It seems like a pretty simple case of miscommunication, right? I mean, we don't know who reported the family or the fact that they were in possession MMS, but shouldn't it be pretty straightforward?

Not so much. The police reportedly separated the parents from their children, forcing them to remain outside, while they searched the inside of the home with the kids present.

Michelle Stanley said that each of their seven children were taken into an ambulance for an evaluation, and she was told that it would be "over in a few minutes."

However, Hal stated, "Suddenly the door opened ... and there were six or eight of them, came in the door, marched in there. Fully armed Sheriff's and people stood there and said we're taking the children for 72 hours."

Holy moly -- for what? Does anyone else think there must be more to the story? Hal Stanley said of the whole ordeal, "If they had asked me if I had MMS, I'd say yes and give it to them."

He also reported that when he demanded to know what was going on and who made the decision to take his away from him and his wife, a Garland County Sheriff's Department officer answered, "I did it and I’m proud of the decision."

Now we don't know the reason these kids were taken from their parents for three days over a legal mineral supplement in the home, and I almost hope there's more to the story. It seems criminal for the state to take kids away from their parents for something so petty.

Do you think a mineral supplement is a legitimate reason to remove kids from their home?


Image via Bringthestanleykidshome/Facebook

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