Unemployed Dad Offered $20K for Football & You'd THINK He'd Say Yes (VIDEO)

A father of two who caught a football used in a game-winning play by the Seattle Seahawks has decided to keep the ball, despite being offered $20,000 for it. Hey, why not? Sometimes there are things that have emotional value that are not for sale. But what if you're headed to jail soon? That's the dilemma that unemployed dad Scott Shelton is reportedly facing -- however, it's no dilemma for him. He says the ball will remain in his hands. Maaaaybe.


The ball, which was tossed by Jermaine Kearse in a moment of "frustration," is already a hot ticket. Kearse has offered Shelton his game helmet signed by the team as well as his jersey, and a sports memorabilia dealer has offered $20,000 for the pigskin, but Shelton isn't budging so far.

Well, he might. For tickets to the Super Bowl. Shelton told KIRO-TV:

And then he asked me what [else] I wanted for the ball. And I said, 'Honestly, it would be nice to go see you guys whip New England in the Super Bowl.'

Nothing like a little bribery. But is Shelton putting the Super Bowl before his daddy duties? A lot of people think so after hearing that Shelton is reportedly headed to the clink one day after the Super Bowl. Shelton, reportedly a convicted felon, is set to serve several months for unlawful possession of firearms.

Hmmm. You would think his first thought would be to sell the ball and get some cash for his kids. Shelton has also said he might like to keep the ball for his son. Raising the stakes!

Hey, maybe he's got a practical reason we're not aware of. Maybe he had a state-appointed attorney and the extra cash would have to go to him or her. Maybe he owes money in certain quarters and doesn't want to liquidate anything right now. Who knows.

But it sounds pretty bad, don't it? And why spend time at the Super Bowl before his incarceration? What about spending time with your family?

Word to football players: If you want your ball, might not want to toss it.

Do you think he should sell the ball?

Image via KIRO-TV

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