Dad Can't See His Dying Toddler Because He Gave Her Cannabis Oil

Authorities are refusing to let a doting father visit his little girl in the hospital as she lays dying of cancer. My goodness, what a horrible dad this must be that hospital workers and security have blocked this father from seeing his 2-year-old daughter, who may not have much time left? What terrible, awful thing did he do? Well, he gave his toddler, who is in the late-stages of cancer, cannabis oil to help relieve her symptoms. Now not only is he not allowed to see his little girl -- but he faces prison too!


Adam Koessler, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, has watched his little girl, Rumer, battle stage 4 cancer. On January 2, Koessler was arrested after giving his daughter medicinal cannabis oil, which is not legal in Australia. He says the results were "miraculous" and Rumer "was alive again -- almost instant quality of life."

According to Koessler, after being given the cannabis oil mixed with coconut oil, Rumer started eating "like a champ" and she finally wanted to play outside again instead of curling up in a ball on her bed.

What dad wouldn't want to see this type of improvement? What dad wouldn't do anything, anything to stop his little girl's pain?

But after traveling to the hospital with Rumer, he met up with her mother, from whom he is separated, and found himself suddenly arrested. It's not clear how police knew what he'd given her.

He is charged with supplying dangerous drugs to a person under 16 and possessing a dangerous drug. His bail conditions mean he can't see Rumer, who is deteriorating with seizures, and who is now on morphine after being taken off the cannabis oil.

If I were a mother, I wouldn't necessarily want my sick child's father deciding her course of treatment. Perhaps the mom got angry that he went ahead and gave the girl cannabis without discussing it with her or doctors.

On the other hand, it's just inhumane to keep the little girl from seeing her daddy, especially when her time sounds very limited.

Perhaps the dad does need to go through the legal system, but he should be allowed to see his child -- why should SHE be punished? Now isn't the time to debate the merits of medical marijuana, but it IS the time to let a little girl behold her daddy again before she leaves this planet. This is unbelievably cruel.

But there may be more here than Koessler's version of events. Rumer's mother, Sacha Maujean, has reportedly been online saying that Koessler has never been a part of Rumer's life and that he started fundraisers that went to him and not to Rumer. Sounds like a big ol' mess. It's very confusing because if he is not a part of Rumer's life, how did he give her cannabis oil? Why was he at the hospital? How are there pictures of the two of them together?

Hopefully these two can put aside their differences for the time being. The good news is that Rumer's Recovery page makes it sound like she's doing a lot better.

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Meanwhile, a petition has been started to reinstate Koessler's parental rights.

Should he be allowed to see her?


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