Transgender Soldier Finally Comes Out & Gets Unexpected Response

A woman who was born a man and who serves in the British military finally came out with her transgender identity -- and has found support where she least expected it. Captain Hannah Rose Winterbourne joined the military as a 23-year-old man and quickly rose through the ranks. But all the while she was hiding a secret -- that she really was a woman stuck in a man's body.


When she found herself with men under her command, she felt it wasn't the right time to come out, but eventually revealed her feelings to her doctors while stationed in Germany -- and to her best friend. Receiving nothing but support, she finally announced her gender when she was 27.

After a six-week tour of Afghanistan, Hannah decided to start living openly as a woman and also had surgery and began hormone therapy.

She is now a captain in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers and leads a company of 100 soldiers. In a documentary called All About Trans, she said:

I think people soon realized it just didn't make a difference to my job. At the end of the day I could still do all the things I could do before I transitioned, and that's what the army really respects, because we're all about capability and output.

The military even allowed her to "feminize" her uniform.

It wouldn't be the same here in the US where transgenders are still banned. For awhile it seemed like the military would back down on that stance, but now it is status quo.

What a shame. We need good men and women in the military, and who cares what sex that person was born? You're either a good soldier or you're not.

And yet one report says there are 15,500 transgender people serving in the military -- but they must remain closeted and secretive. That can't be something that's good for mental health or morale, something so important to serving our country.

Hopefully, the US will catch up to other nations who accept transgender people in the armed forces.

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Image via Hannah Winterbourne/Twitter

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