Woman Mysteriously Dies Moments After Giving Birth to Quadruplets

A husband and new father is grieving after his wife mysteriously died moments after giving birth to their quadruplets. Erica Morales, 36, and her husband, Carlos, had undergone IVF treatments after having trouble conceiving. They were thrilled when Erica became pregnant with quadruplets.


Erica checked into the hospital a few days before the birth because of high blood pressure but she wrote on her Facebook page that the doctor said she was doing "phenomenal" and that she was "the poster child for quads." However, she warned her Facebook friends that things could always go wrong at the last minute because she could "stroke out with bad blood pressure."

But after giving birth to three girls and one boy, Erica died before even getting to hold them. The hospital is investigating exactly what happened.

Erica's family and friends are devastated, especially knowing how hard she "fought for" her babies. Her cousin, Nicole Todman, told Fox 10:

We'll have to remember her, we'll have to tell her kids who she was, we'll have to make sure they know how wonderful a person she was, how loving and how much she wanted them, and how much she loved them.

Ugh, how devastating to think this poor mom who worked so hard to have her babies never even got to meet them -- nor did they get to meet her. And this poor husband who will now be single dad to four children.

The family has set up an online fundraiser to help him out.


Image via Erica's Memorial Fund/GoFundMe

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