18-Year-Old Woman & Her Father Are 'Engaged' to Be Married

A teenager has opened up about how she lost her virginity to her father and now they're engaged. Yup, you read that right. The unnamed 18-year-old woman, who lives somewhere in the Great Lakes region, told New York magazine about her consensual affair with her father, whom she reconnected with after 12 years, when she was 17.


The teen had only sporadic contact with her father until she was about 5, and then they lost contact until he emailed the woman's mother at 15, saying he wanted to see his daughter. But they didn't make that happen until she was 17.

The woman's first thoughts upon seeing her long-lost dad? He’s so good-looking! Erm, yeah. So you know this has nowhere good to go.

She stayed with her father (and his girlfriend!) for five days, but somehow the two ended up spooning on the floor and dad woke up with "morning wood." Eiyyyyyy.

Before long, the two ended up kissing, and confessing their feelings for each other, and then having sex. "That was when I lost my virginity," she cringingly tells the magazine.

The teen described the encounter as "insanely sensual" and says, "I’ve never been in a more passionate, loving, fulfilling situation." But considering that this is when she lost her virginity, there's not much to compare it to.

The teen says it wasn't awkward at all and the next day "it all felt so natural."

What happened between them is something called "Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)," which is apparently a fairly common dynamic between adults and biological children who did not grow up together. It's usually triggered by a host of factors, including biological parents and children having a lot in common, feeling "connected," and, no doubt, the child longing for a connection with an absent parent.

The teen and her father moved in together (he broke up with his girlfriend), and now they're planning their wedding -- although it won't be legal. They also plan to move to New Jersey, where adult incest isn't illegal.

Meanwhile, the teen's mom is aware that she now has a close relationship with her father -- but has no idea how close. Other people, including her sister and her father's parents, know them as a couple, but have no idea they're related.

What could go wrong?

The two also plan on having children together -- and they don't plan on telling them what's up. The teen is not worried about genetic malformations, saying it doesn't happen to everybody. (She may want to read up on the case of Aswad Ayinde, who had children with three of his daughters. One child passed away from a genetic disease, the other has lifelong problems.)

Well, this couple are clearly going to have a hard road ahead of them. Relationships are difficult enough, but add in one where secrecy is the order of the day, there is an 18-year age difference, and, oh yeah, they are father and daughter!

What's painfully clear here is that this teen has never had a dad so she has no idea what a dad is supposed to be. She thinks this is it. It's not. And the father clearly took advantage of that. He may love her, but he should have loved her enough to say, "I'm your father, not your lover. I'll always be there for you, but not in that way." Obviously, the man has no boundaries. Many times during the course of the interview, the teen mentions her abandonment issues. How sad that the message dad is sending now is "I won't abandon you again because we're sleeping together." She will never know what it's like to be loved as a daughter.

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She may be happy now, but mark my words, this is all going to fall apart and what you'll have left is an absolutely devastated and troubled woman. Let's hope that happens before children are involved.

What are your feelings on consensual incest?

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