3-Year-Old Saves His Own Life After Car Is Stolen While He's Strapped in Car Seat

Elizabeth Barrios of Ogden, Utah, left her 3-year-old son strapped into his car seat, with the car running, for all of a minute while she reportedly ran outside to drop another child off at day care. But we're sure she deeply regrets those few minutes because what happened next is every mother's nightmare. Right before her eyes, a man jumped into her vehicle and began driving it away, with little Aiden still trapped inside of it. Barrios called police, who responded quickly. After learning the mother had left her cell phone inside of the car, they came up with a plan that few people would believe could work.


Police told Barrios to call her own cell phone. She did. Everybody was shocked when the little boy actually answered the phone and began giving his mom details about what the man was doing inside of his mother's car.

Barrios says Aiden told her the man was going through her purse and "getting" her purse. That phone call proved to be more important than everyone thought because it scared the alleged thief enough to force him out of the vehicle. Aiden confirmed with his mom that the man had left the car, which we're sure made her exhale the biggest sigh of relief imaginable.

Obviously, even the most intelligent 3-year-old on the planet would have a difficult time describing his whereabouts, so in order to find Aiden, police told him to honk the car horn. But remember: the child was in a car seat -- which proved no problem for him because he simply undid the straps and followed orders. Police were able to locate him a few minutes later and he has been reunited with his mom.

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Many moms can understand the temptation to leave our kids alone in a car for just a minute because the process of removing them from car seats and placing them in strollers while we run an errand that we know will take a second seems like a huge hassle.

But then we hear stories like this one -- and we are reminded of what can happen. It's just not worth the risk.

Do you leave your kids alone in the car? Does this story change how you feel about doing that?


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