5-Year-Old Crashes School Bus in Move That Should Have Surprised No One

5-year-old crashes school bus

There are plenty of things I wouldn’t let a five-year-old do on his own. Pluck my eyebrows, for instance. Wield a chef’s torch. Be the sole person in charge of making sure the trailer was properly secured before a cross-country road trip. Feed a Bengal tiger. Hold a Sharpie near a bride’s wedding gown. I could go on and on, really. There are certain tasks you just don’t outsource to a kindergartener because doing so would be insane ... but I guess Tiffanie Brown from Merrimack, New Hampshire didn’t get the memo, because she was arrested this week after allowing her 5-year-old to drive the school bus.


Okay, fine, I guess technically she didn’t let “allow” him to drive the bus. She just put him in the driver’s seat while the bus was running and asked him to activate various safety lights so she could check them. Boy, what a conscientious parent and bus driver! What could possibly go wrong?

In a move that should been predicted by any parent with a minimum of two operating brain cells, the boy somehow managed to put the bus in reverse, at which point the vehicle went backwards and sideswiped some cars before hitting a carport. Making things worse, his 8-year-old brother was hanging onto a door as all of this was happening.

Merrimack police captain Peter Albert issued a solid no-shit statement regarding his overall disgust for the incident:

It's alarming, disturbing and alarming. You would hope people would use more common sense than that, at the very least.

Brown was arrested Monday and charged with reckless conduct and endangering the welfare of a child. There’s no word on her employment status, but I’m sure she’s going to receive a stern talking-to, if nothing else. Gotta say, we’ve all had our boneheaded moments in parenting, but sticking a 5-year-old behind the wheel of an active bus and expecting everything to be fine seems like a particularly bad move. I’m glad no one was hurt, and hopefully this driver will think twice about putting her kid in charge of the safety check in the future.

Do you think this woman should lose her job? Or do you think enough harm has already been done?

Image via Flickr/thoseguys119

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