Family Friend Accused of Stealing Funds Raised for Sick Infant

At first, Ken Wills seemed like a guardian angel to the Knickerbocker family, whose 5-month-old son Noah had been waiting since the day he was born for a heart transplant. Willis, who is the baby's father's godfather, reportedly offered to help the Wisconsin family by setting up a crowdfunding page on GoFundMe in order to raise money for Noah's transplant and for the family's related expenses. Imagine their shock when, after raising about $6,500 for Noah, mom Rachel Knickerbocker went to the page to discover it had disappeared.


Rachel says she and her husband were planning to use the money raised to rent an apartment near the Wisconsin's Children Hospital, where Noah is receiving treatment. They family has already been through so much, considering how they've moved from Milwaukee so that Noah can be hospitalized, and it's disgusting to think of anyone taking advantage of their pain.

But Rachel says that is exactly what Wills did -- and that he tried to cover his dishonest actions by posting photos on Facebook of three donation checks he supposedly made out to the Ronald McDonald House, the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, and Boston Children's Hospital -- where Noah was initially treated.

ABC News investigated and has reported that Wills only allegedly donated a portion of each check to those organizations and that the rest of the money mysteriously vanished.

Rachel says she begged Wills for the rest of the money, but that he didn't respond. You could say she should have been on her toes from the very beginning because the man reportedly never even met Noah, yet went out of his way to raise money for him -- but who wants to go through life believing people aren't capable of selfless acts, especially when it comes to helping children?

The Knickerbockers' reportedly filed a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General's Office, but given how long it generally takes to resolve issues like this in court, this isn't likely to help them right now, when they need it most.

There is some very good news here, though. Noah underwent heart transplant surgery this week and is in recovery. His family set up a new GoFundMe page and have raised almost $9,000.

Wishing this sweet little baby a speedy recovery.

What do you think about the details of this allegation?


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