Crayola Facebook Page Filled With 'Off-Color' NSFW Images (PHOTOS)

CrayonsWhoops. In the digital age of making sure your product has an online presence, hacks re going to happen. And sometimes jokesters will think they're incredibly hilarious, and take over a Facebook page for a company usually associated with children -- let's say Crayola. And then those doofuses will post some very unsavory pictures to their Facebook wall.


So that happened over the weekend. Crayola apologized on Sunday for a series of posts on their Facebook wall, which included some crude drawings and other disturbing images.

"Our sincere apologies to our Facebook community for the inappropriate and offensive posts you may have seen here today," the crayon giant stated, after removing the offensive posts.

Have no fear -- we have screenshots!

I don't even want to know WHAT that last one is there. I'm going with "basket of weird worms" and sticking to it.

While the likely culprit was a couple of dummies drinking really cheap beer in their mom's basement, it still sucks. Crayola is a kids' company for the most part. Who can't summon up childhood memories of coloring trees in the classroom with your good old Burnt Sienna?

Younger and younger kids are using Facebook these days, and the last thing parent should have to worry about is them seeing things like this because they "liked" Crayola's Fanpage.

Would you be upset to see these images pop up on your computer screen?


Image via Matt Doucette/Flickr

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