Soldier Shot By Wife While Trying to Bring Her Breakfast

A soldier from Fort Bragg got the opposite reaction he thought he'd get from his wife after he sweetly tried to surprise her with breakfast. After Zia Segule, 28, reportedly told his wife, Tiffany Segule, that he was leaving for work, the 27-year-old wisely set their home alarm system and went back to bed. Little did she know he was about to do something super nice for her -- and she really can't be blamed for the tragedy that ensued while she was trying to be vigilant.


Without announcing to his wife that he was returning home, Zia reportedly opened their front door carrying breakfast treats for his beloved. But Tiffany only heard the home alarm go off and quickly grabbed the couple's gun to protect herself.

She shot her husband in the chest through their closed bedroom door, according to police. It isn't clear whether Zia tried to turn off the alarm or if he called out to Tiffany when he entered the house.

Zia was hospitalized at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and has since been released. He was reportedly able to walk and talk after being shot and would only tell reporters, "I'm good," when asked about the situation.

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Police are still investigating the incident and have questioned Tiffany. It is believed she might have been nervous because of recent break-ins in their neighborhood -- which have included four home break-ins and four vehicle break-ins in the past year.

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Image via Andy Wright/Flickr

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