Teacher Allegedly Drags Shy Student in Front of Class & Humiliates Her

A substitute teacher in Quincy, Washington is in hot water, after allegedly instructing students to drag their 11-year-old classmate to the front of the class so that she could overcome her public speaking fears.


Apparently, the girl was too "embarrassed" to get up in front of her class, but on December 12, substitute teacher Ken Lacey insisted that she do so.

According to the girl's mom, Olga Montano, "She refused to go up because she told him that she was embarrassed." Instead of letting it go, or assigning the girl an incomplete, what reportedly happened next is shocking.

Montano said, "And he responded to her, 'I'll show you what's embarrassed.'" She continued, "So, he asked four kids to grab her and drag her to the front of the class, and so they did ... While she was being dragged, more kids joined in," the mother choked up. "And she was being slapped, kicked, punched in the face."

Oh my gosh, that doesn't even seem like it could be real? Aren't teachers supposed to prevent this sort of bullying, not encourage it, let alone instigate it?

There is apparently a video, which the elementary school principal showed Montano. She said that "more than four kids" were involved in the attack on her daughter.

City officials have refused to release the video, citing the active Quincy Police Department investigation over the incident. The teacher in question was allowed to resign last Monday, according to District Superintendent John Boyd.

Ugh, there's a lot to be said for facing your fears, but someone has to decide to do that. Especially a child! There is no excuse for something like this. There are so many other ways the kid could've been disciplined for not completing the speaking assignment ... an incomplete, detention, a note to the parents ... dragging her to the front of the class to humiliate her is just disturbing.

Do you think kids should be made to face their fears?


Image via Krissy Venosdale/Flickr

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