Mom Says Man Tried to Buy Her 2-Year-Old Child in Supermarket Checkout Line (VIDEO)

A mother is still reeling after her bizarre and frightening encounter with a man in a grocery store. The 34-year-old mom says she was in a market in Covina, California, when a man approached her while she and her 2-year-old son were in the checkout line and tried to buy something that wasn't for sale. He reportedly started off complimenting both of them, telling them how beautiful they were. While this might be the opener for a modeling scout, reportedly this man was scouting for something much more nefarious -- he ended up trying to buy her child from her.


The woman says that after the man peppered her and her son with compliments, he then asked the last thing she expected: If she'd be interested in selling her child.

A detective told NBC Los Angeles she was "somewhat surprised" by the offer and "declined the invitation, obviously."

The woman then told police she waited in the lobby for awhile until the man left, and when she thought he was safely gone, she and her son walked to her car. But suddenly he pulled up with another man in the car. This time, she says, he told her, "Oh look, it’s you! It’s both of you. You’re so beautiful."

She says he then got out of the car and offered her $100 for her son. "Let me buy the child," police say he told the woman.

The woman told police she froze, thinking her son was about to be kidnapped. But then she said the man threw the $100 in her shopping cart and the car drove away.

Wow. Really scary. Police suspect the men are involved in child trafficking. What's truly frightening is the idea that some moms might even take the guy up on his offer!

Cops are hoping that the store's surveillance camera will help them identify the men.

Update: The men turned themselves into police and said it was all a big misunderstanding. The businessmen were out buying groceries to celebrate a successful year when they say they saw the woman with her child and decided to "bless" her with some cash. Because of a language barrier, they were apparently very much misunderstood. The police believe their account and are relieved at the happy ending. No good deed ...

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


Image via NBC LA

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