Video Shows Police Tackling 14-Year-Old Girl After Fatally Shooting Her Brother

Two months ago, we learned the shocking news that a rookie police officer in Cleveland fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice twice outside of a recreation center after mistaking his BB gun for the real thing. The latest scandal surrounding this tragedy just makes everything 100 times worse, I'm afraid. City officials recently released a new surveillance video that shows police officers tackling the victim's 14-year-old sister after the shooting and throwing her to the ground. It also reveals that officers may have responded with indifference after the young child was shot.


The incident took place on November 22 in front of the Cudell Recreation Center, where Tamir was reportedly playing with the fake gun. After Officer Timothy Loehmann, who was on the force for one year, reportedly shot the child twice, his sister can be seen running across to the grass to help her brother.

The girl is then reportedly stopped by Police Officer Frank Garmback, who pushes her down to the ground. Loehmann then helps his partner hold the girl down before she is handcuffed and forced into the back of the officer's police cruiser.

Meanwhile, instead of immediately helping Tamir, the officers are seen standing around his body. He isn't taken away by paramedics until an astounding 13 minutes later. An FBI agent, who just happened to be in the area and is not associated with the Cleveland Police Department, reportedly administered first aid to the boy a few minutes after the shooting.

Considering the numerous protests that have taken place in cities across the nation after the police shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, this latest video is certainly not going to do anything to help repair the fractured relationship between the police and the public.

Here is a clip from the controversial surveillance video:

What do you think about what the police did to the teen girl?


Image via Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

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