School Bus Collides With Train, Killing 2 & Injuring Several Children

A school bus bringing children home on Monday collided with a freight train in Larimore, North Dakota, killing 62-year-old driver Max Danner and a 17-year-old girl, who were both ejected from the vehicle upon impact. The bus was also carrying a dozen students whose ages range from 5 to 17, and many had to be transported to the hospital after this horrific tragedy. Police are trying to determine the reason for the crash and said the roads were not icy, the weather was clear, and the train had the right of way.


Danner reportedly failed to stop in front of a clearly marked train intersection with stop signs and struck the train as it was headed west, causing several children to be ejected from the bus. The train was only carrying empty flat-bed cars at the time, and the school bus was totaled in the accident. Investigators are looking into whether the driver may have had a medical condition that affected his judgment on the day of the accident.

Witnesses describe the scene as "chaotic" and say as many as 10 students were transported to Altru Hospital in Grand Forks. Six patients were still being treated as of last night, three had to be transferred to other hospitals for a "higher level of care," and one was released.

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It's frightening to think about what could happen when our children are not in our care. Even though tragedies like this one are rare, it still sends a shiver up our spines when we think about the parents of these children, having to rush to hospitals -- or worse -- after learning their kids were in a school bus crash.

Danner was reportedly a popular teacher, as well as the bus driver, who taught carpentry, agriculture, welding, engine, and livestock at Larimore High School. Little has been reported about the teen girl so far. Our hearts are with their families and friends and we pray for all of the children to recover quickly from this horrific accident.

Do your children take the school bus? Does it ever make you nervous?


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