​Heartless Criminals Steal Baby Gifts While Mom Gives Birth, But There's a Twist (VIDEO)

thieves steal newborn clothes while mom is in hospital

Most parents can vividly remember the time after birth when we were getting ready to bring our brand new baby home from the hospital. It’s such a stand-out event in every mother’s life, filled with a mix of joy, relief, exhaustion, and those semi-terrifying moments of holy-crap-I-can’t-believe-I’m-actually-responsible-for-another-human-being. If I had to describe those days in one word, I think I’d choose “stressful” — which is why I truly empathize with this Toledo, Ohio, mom’s reaction to discovering that everything she had for her newborn, from the diapers to the clothes to the bedding, had been stolen from her apartment while she was giving birth to her son.


Dejah-le Evans was getting ready to leave the hospital when her boyfriend learned that her door was kicked in and the place had been ransacked. Thieves stole electronics, baby clothes, gifts from her shower, and even food, and Evans says she couldn't believe anyone could be so heartless.

Here's a newborn baby and all of his stuff is gone. He doesn't deserve it. It's frustrating, I've never been through something like this. (...) When you go into a baby room and you see that nothing has been touched, nothing is used, everything is new, everything is wrapped up perfectly waiting for a baby to come I feel like you should feel something, your conscience.

Local news aired her story when her son D'Antwon Brown was just 2 days old:

While Evans said she was relying on her loved ones and her faith to deal with this setback, a group of strangers took it upon themselves to lighten her load. After four friends heard about Evans' story on the Toledo news, they decided they wanted to help ... so they paid for Evans' grandmother to buy all new supplies from a local Wal-Mart.

DJ Kausion McCrimmoen, Darren Sims, JuJuan Hamilton, and another friend named DeVonne chipped in so that Evans' grandmother could fill her cart with everything baby D'Antwon needed, and they didn’t want the media to focus on their good deed. They said they just hope someone else is moved to help another family in need in the New Year.

Just a sad situation man. You know God blesses those who bless others. That's all it is. — Darren

You know I guess that good will always overtake the bad. You know, to help out others if you can. — DJ

Like I tell my kids all the time, it's better to give than to receive, so going with that saying, that speaks volumes today for me. — JuJuan.

Man, I love that this has such a great ending. What an inspiring group of friends, and what a story for this kid to grow up with! One that truly illustrates hope and the power of kindness.

Would you have been devastated to lose all your baby stuff before you came home from the hospital?  

Image via WTOL 11 News

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