Mom of 3 Gets Stuck Trying to Shimmy Down Boyfriend's Chimney -- Naked

A 35-year-old mother of 3 reportedly decided the best way to gain access to her boyfriend's home in Riverside County, California, when she couldn't open the front door at 5 a.m. was to, naturally, shimmy down the chimney, But, very much unlike Santa, the woman, whose partner, Tony Hernandez, is also the father of her children, figured the best way to fit down the chimney was to remove all of her pesky clothing first. We don't even have to tell you what happened next, right?


Hernandez says he was sleeping when he heard the woman cry out for help. To his horror, he found the mother, whom he described as his "estranged" girlfriend, stuck inside of his 12-by-12-inch chimney.

Instead of immediately calling the police, because this is all just a little too crazytown, Hernandez reportedly tried to get her out of the chimney with an extension cord, but couldn't. When firefighters arrived to help, it took them two hours to free the woman and they had to actually break the fireplace open in order to do so.

The woman was taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

Hernandez says the mom isn't supposed to be at his home and that she doesn't live with him and isn't allowed to be around their children. No word on whether their kids were home at the time, but let's hope to hell not -- how do you even begin to explain your mother's actions when they involve sliding naked down a chimney?

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Belive it or not, this is the second time in three months a woman has glanced up at a chimney and thought, perfect, while trying to get inside of the home of a man who clearly doesn't want her there. Men who, I might add, respond with exasperated, oh boy, she's at it again's, rather than complete and utter shock.

In October, 30-year-old Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa was arrested (in California -- what's in the water?) after she was stuck inside of her ex-boyfriend's chimney for hours. Turns out, they had met online and dated just a few times before she tried to allegedly break into his home for reasons unknown.

Would you press charges against this woman if you were the homeowner?


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