Man Finds Two 5-Month-Old Fetuses On His Doorstep

When David Branford left his San Diego home on Saturday morning, he noticed a blanketed bundle outside of his front gate that he believed was a doll. An odd discovery, for sure, but one that you could chalk up to a child mistakenly leaving her toy behind on a walk. He went about his day and performed his morning chores -- possibly thinking a little girl and her mother would return for the toy at some point. But when Branford pulled up to his home at around 1:45 p.m., the "doll" was still there. He lifted the blanket to get a better look and, to his absolute horror, made the most gruesome and heartbreaking discovery: two , nearly full-term fetuses had been abandoned at his gate.


Both fetuses were dead and police confirmed they were at least 20 weeks old and each still had its umbilical cord attached to one placenta.

No one is sure how the fetuses died or why they were left in front of Branford's house, which is located down the street from St. Peter's Church.

Police cordoned off the area as homicide detectives search for clues that could lead to the mother. They have asked the public to help provide any information they have about a recently pregnant woman who does not have children.

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Anyone with information is being asked to contact the homicide department on 858-974-2321 or after hours on 858-565-5200.

We simply don't have enough information to determine what happened here. Did this woman have a miscarriage? Did she (God, I can't even consider the possibility) hurt herself intentionally? Did someone else hurt her?

Let's hope police find this woman as soon as possible so that they can get some answers to this bizarre and heartbreaking incident.

What do you think happened here?


Image via JD Hancock/Flickr

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