6-Year-Old Dies in Dad's Arms While Waiting in Emergency Room (VIDEO)

A father is in deep shock and mourning after he says emergency room staff in Florence, Kentucky, did nothing as he rushed his 6-year-old boy into the hospital with flu symptoms. He says he begged them to treat his vomiting boy but they told him to "Wait [his] turn." Twenty minutes later, little Mikey passed out in his father's arms and died.


Mikey's mother, Zara Jimbo, told Lex 18:

They should have got to him earlier when we were asking for help, when we were begging to, you know, he needs help. He's not okay, but they were looking at us like we were crazy.

At this point, mom and dad screamed desperately and at this point they say staff finally helped -- only it was too late.

Emergency rooms are notorious for their slow service, and I can only imagine the panic these parents felt as their son slowly slipped from this world while no one would help them. Being smack in the middle of a hospital and not being able to get help must be the worst, most helpless, feeling in the world.

We can't condemn the hospital just yet though. It's unclear how long the couple were waiting -- if it was only 20 minutes, that's not long. However, they should have given a very sick child priority. It must be difficult for them too though -- no one comes to an emergency room for fun. Everyone there wants to get seen right away.

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The hospital would not comment on what happened, but hopefully it is being looked into. If the boy didn't get seen because someone dropped the ball or was negligent in doing their duties, that really needs to be investigated.

Please remember to vaccinate your children for the flu, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 90% of children who die from the flu were not vaccinated.

Are you worried about flu season?

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