Dad's Violent Reaction to Son Joining a Gang Goes Viral (VIDEO)

One father is drawing praise -- and some criticism -- for his handling of his teenage son, who apparently tried to join a gang. Video uploaded of a dad harshly confronting his son, who was trying to join a gang or already had, has already received over three million views and 71 thousand likes. The dad postures threateningly over his son, demanding, "You bangin' now, right? Shoot it. Pop it. You in a gang now, right?" He also threatens to take on any gang members who want to mess with his son.


Check out the video but be warned it is chock full of F-bombs and NSFW:

Most commenters were firmly on the dad's side, calling him "father of the year" and saying if there were more dads like him, there would be less violence in the black community. But some disagreed with his method. One person wrote:

There is a difference between hitting or spanking and what I just saw. That was assault and should be in jail for hitting his child like that.

When I first watched the video, I was happy the dad was taking a strong interest in his son's life (LOVE how he says, "What you gonna be? You going to school? You gonna shoot basketball or something?"), but I wasn't happy with the way he slapped him. But then I started thinking about it -- the dad could have sat down and calmly explained his position, but would that have worked?! You know what, I don't think it would have. Sometimes kids need to be scared straight.

Probably the MAIN thing that kept me on the straight and narrow as a kid is that I was scared of my grandmother, who raised me. Scared of the woman. Scared of her reactions, her discipline. She never once laid a hand on me, but oh boy, she was emotional. And that got through to me. When temptation to misbehave was everywhere, the only thing that made me turn away from temptation was that I was more scared of her than I was of my peers making fun of me.

I imagine the kid in this video will be too. When someone is trying to recruit him, trying to lead him astray, the idea of his dad's scariness will override his desire to get approval from his peers. Sometimes that is what it takes. Besides, if he joins a gang, he will get smacked down much harder than his dad does here.

Gangs are serious business. They are criminal. If this boy joins one, he will likely be in prison before his 21st birthday. Once you are in, they never let you out. As one commenter says, "As hard as it looks, he is saving his son's life." As another says, "I'm not one who condones hitting children but if it came down to smacking my son or eventually burying my son then it's an easy choice."

As for the crude language? Do you think the gang members talked to him in iambic pentameter? Dad had to get on that level to compete with the opposite message.

He also had to get through to the gang members too. He speaks to the camera and dares them to mess with him or his son. This dude is just intimidating enough that it will probably work. He could not have turned to the camera and politely requested they stay away.

So, all in all, I have to say good for this dad. I just hope he doesn't take it further and whup the boy up in his room.

How nice to see a dad who truly cares about his son's life and future.

Do you agree with the dad's reaction?


Image via Emmanuel Matos/Facebook

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