Dad Who 'Had It' With Daughter's Killer Tries to Get Revenge in Court

One of the most difficult things in the world to do must be to sit calmly and quietly in court while the person who murdered your loved one sits just feet away from you. I don't know how people get through it. And one man couldn't. He is charged with trying to attack his daughter's killer while in court.


Greg Brewer was in an Arkansas court watching his 12-year-old daughter's convicted killer in a hearing about his post-conviction rights when he reportedly tried to attack him. He was arrested on charges of suspicion of third-degree assault, obstructing governmental operations, and resisting arrest.

You can't really blame Brewer. His daughter, Andi, was raped and murdered in 1999 by Roberts, who was her uncle by marriage. He is now sitting on death row. But who can fault Brewer for wanting to take a swing at him?

Reportedly, what triggered Brewer's ire that day (besides the obvious) was that Roberts turned around and had the nerve to say to him, "Greg, it's all going to be okay." Seriously??!! How dare he!!

At that point, Brewer reportedly jumped over the partition separating them and tried to attack his daughter's killer. But court staff was able to intervene and wrestle him away before he could put his hands on Roberts. Too bad, really.

In a way, Roberts was trying to do something good for a change -- he wanted to waive his rights to keep fighting his death sentence. But his attorneys contend he is not fit to waive his rights. Let him waive them!

Brewer was released from jail on bond. Andi's mother says he was just "overwhelmed" and "had just kind of had it."

Now, all of us can sympathize with Brewer. Hell, we'd love to beat the guy too. But the reality is you can't have chaos in the courts. If every family member or friend of a victim tried to attack a suspect or even a convicted killer in court, that is what we'd have. The courts must be a chaos- and retribution-free zone. The people who work there deserve to do their jobs without breaking up fights or risking their own lives because someone wants revenge.

So, Brewer deserved to be arrested. But let's all hope he gets off lightly.

Do you think he should be punished?


Image via Polk County Court

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