Woman Steps Into Hot Tub & Finds ... OMG!!!

Ah, there's nothing like sitting in a hot tub in a luxury spa, is there? So relaxing, so rejuvenating ... so, um, freaking terrifying and disgusting?! That is, if you happen to feel around with your toes and hit ... a dead body!!! That's reportedly what happened to a woman who was enjoying some tranquil time at a five-story spa in Queens, New York, when she stepped into the hot tub for a little me-time and her feet hit the dead body of an 84-year-old man who had slipped under the water with no one noticing.


An eyewitness told NBC New York:

[The woman was] actually walking into the water and felt something by her feet. It was the gentleman.

The horrified lady went running screaming from the outdoor tub and looked for help inside. Staff pulled the man out and tried to resuscitate him, but it was too late.

The health agency of New York is now investigating the incident. It's unclear if the man was dead when he slipped under the water, had a health problem, or drowned.

The man's son told the outlet:

It does warrant a closer look so this doesn't happen to someone else and it's a shame it happened to my father.

Well, that is definitely one way to ruin your spa day. Although the poor man who died had a worse day than the woman. This has got to be the least welcome thing you can imagine your toes grazing in a hot tub.

Would you ever go in a hot tub again after this?

Image via Michael (AKA moik) McCullough/Flickr

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