Family Offers Son for Adoption So He Won't Become a Werewolf

The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has adopted a young man. Which sounds really cute until you hear the reason -- she adopted him to prevent him from turning into a werewolf. I guess blocking out the full moon wouldn't have been enough. According to folklore, the seventh son born to a family will turn into a werewolf after his 13th birthday. Believe it or not, families actually used to kill their seventh sons for fear of this happening.


Luckily, the Argentinian government reportedly came up with a solution -- the president began adopting the seventh son or daughter of families who were fearful their kids would start baying at the moon and feeding on uncircumcised babies. It's unclear how the president would have stopped this transition, but hey, none of it is very clear.

The tradition continues to this day, and now any seventh son or daughter of an Argentinian family who wants their child "adopted" by the president will have his or her education paid for. Not a bad deal!

On the one hand, you can totally understand why a family would buy into this hocus pocus nonsense -- I mean, if it means a free education and political connections, why not? Besides, the child isn't really "adopted" -- the president just acts as a godparent.

On the other hand, it's bizarre that any head of any country in the 21st century would treat this superstition seriously. Then again, our leaders routinely grab ahold of a bewildered groundhog and expect it to predict weather patterns.

This year, the president of Argentina adopted the 21-year-old Jewish young man -- the first Jewish potential werewolf. And, err, according to tradition, he would have already been a werewolf for eight years now -- but better late than never. Ah-wooo!

What do you think of this tradition?


Image via Cristina Kirchner/Twitter

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