Passenger Kicked Off Plane After He Flips Out When Told 'Merry Christmas'

No matter how much you may hate the holidays, chances are you wouldn't be foolish enough to jeopardize your chances of getting home or to your final vacation destination because of it. But one man in New York did exactly that when he reportedly got so angry that American Airlines workers were wishing passengers a "Merry Christmas" that he totally flipped out and wound up getting thrown off of a flight to Dallas.


The incident took place at La Guardia Airport on Tuesday when the man blew his top after hearing a gate agent wish everyone "Merry Christmas" while boarding a flight to Dallas.

The Scrooge, who was traveling by himself, reportedly snapped at her that she shouldn't be saying that because not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Her response was, "Well, what should I say then?"

Apparently, this passenger had no intention of making a logical suggestion and simply felt like being pissed off. So, he reportedly walked past her and shouted over his shoulder not to say 'Merry Christmas.'

Things didn't get much better after the passenger boarded the flight. Despite having to work the day before Christmas Eve, these American Airlines workers were filled with holiday spirit and cheer -- the nerve -- and continued to wish the angry man a "Merry Christmas" as he tried to take his seat.

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Cue all hell breaking loose. The man reportedly flipped out and yelled at the flight attendants and pilot about how inappropriate it was for them to go around wishing everybody a "Merry Christmas." The staff tried to calm him down, they say, but he was way too worked up and had to be pulled off of the flight.

As you can imagine, his fellow passengers weren't disappointed by this turn of events -- they reportedly began cheering while he was escorted off the plane. If something as harmless as a holiday greeting could make him this angry, I can't even picture how he would react if you were sitting next to him and accidentally had your elbow on his seat rest.

Do you think this passenger deserved to be escorted off of the flight for his behavior?


Image via Joao Carlos Medau/Flickr

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