Mom Calls Santa to Report Naughty Kids & Gets Slapped With $145 Fine

Bah humbug! Everyone knows the best way to get kids to behave in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is to call in the big guy -- Santa Claus himself. He sees you when you're sleeping, and he knows when you've been bad! One mom in New Jersey made a "call" to the North Pole, and then got fined $145 for it. And almost lost her car.


Rachel (no last name) has three mischievous little girls, ages 2, 4, and 6. Their family recently relocated from another town. It's Christmas. Things were getting crazy. You know how it is.

Anyway, her little darlings started acting out one day, "really going at, hitting each other, weren't listening to me when I told them to stop." So Rachel did what had to be done. "That's it, I'm calling Santa," she said.

One problem. Rachel was driving at the time.

"I was telling Santa my girls weren't behaving, weren't being respectful," she said. "I even brought up the naughty list." She continued, "I passed a police officer -- he was hiding behind a church -- and so I threw my phone down ... my 4-year-old thought I hung up on Santa. And I'm sure the officer thought I was involved in a heated conversation."

When the officer pulled her over, Rachel tried to explain the situation, without exactly explaining the situation. "I didn’t want to ruin Santa Claus for my girls, so I was trying to be vague about it," she said. "So I told the officer my girls weren't behaving and that I had to call Santa Claus. I was trying to make him understand without giving it up. And he's just looking at me like I’m crazy."

After convincing the cop that she hadn't been on the phone (thanks, call log!), another officer pulled up.

"I forgot to get my car inspected," she said. "It was just this month." And then they wanted to impound her car. They don't mess around in Jersey, I guess.

"I could hear the two officers arguing," Rachel shared. "The one who first pulled me over was defending me, saying he wouldn't do it, wouldn't leave me and my two kids on the side of the road."

She admitted, "You have to understand, I'm vigilant about respect for law enforcement ... I don't break the rules. I've never gotten a ticket in my life. And I'm trying to instill this in my children."

I'm willing to bet that after calling Santa, and having two police officers pull their mom over, those kids were all of a sudden on their best behavior. The 4-year-old even told the cops, "You don't have to arrest my mom." Sweet baby!

They agreed and decided not to impound the car. But she did get fined. "I got a ticket for $145," she said. "I'm guessing I'm the first person to ever get a ticket for talking to Santa Claus."

Have you ever fake-called Santa in front of your kids?


Image via Peter Thoeny/Flickr

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