Fake Soldier Has Dirty Excuse for Wearing Army Uniform (VIDEO)

If you've just had lunch, you might want to skip this video, because it is so sickening, you just may bring it up again. It's always disheartening when imposters try to steal valor and wear military uniforms they did not earn and try to get accolades (and discounts) they do not deserve. But this guy brings it to a whole new level when you hear why he was wearing an Army uniform that was not his.


Former U.S. Army Specialist Christian Parmer was in the Fresno-Yosemite International Airport in California when he noticed a man wearing fatigues -- but a few things set off his bullshit meter. For one, the man was wearing his hat indoors and he also had a Confederate flag on his sleeve.

Parmer says he first approached the man and asked if he was Army and the man said yes. He then walked away. But something kept nagging at his gut, so he turned back around and began peppering the man with questions while filming him -- much like Purple Heart recipient Ryan Berk did with a fake Army Ranger in a mall.

This time, however, the man quickly admits he isn't really military -- and the uniform is his stepson's. Wait until you hear WHY he was wearing it. Check it out:

OMIGOD, can you believe that excuse? He had nothing else to wear that was clean? How about doing some laundry, buddy?!

Also, conveniently he had managed to have all dirty clothes on a day when he wanted some discounted stuff at the airport -- like the Starbucks drink he was carrying.

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The guy seems genuinely embarrassed to have gotten caught -- I wonder if his stepson knows what he does with his uniform. Notice how he tried to make it out like he didn't even know what clothes of his stepson's he was grabbing out of the closet -- anyone buying that???

Police eventually asked the man to leave the airport. And now this video will humiliate him forever.

What do you think of his dirty excuse?

Image via Rambdumbly Ripped/YouTube

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