​Woman's Scary Road Rage Attack Teaches 2 Young Women Important Lesson (VIDEO)

We've all felt ticked off by other drivers on the road before, but one recent case of road rage should leave us all feeling a little shaken. In Santa Clara, California last week, a woman was arrested after cellphone video footage showed her forcing another vehicle off the road on a mountain highway.


Delanie Strykul, the passenger, took the footage as her friend Vanessa tried to navigate their vehicle to safety after being smashed into by the driver of a silver Ford Explorer Sport Trac pickup truck.

In the video, Delanie tells the California Highway Patrol dispatcher, "She just hit our car, she just hit our car. She’s pushing us off of the road. Yes, she’s pushing us off the road. She’s coming for us ... please help us."

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Holy crap, that must have been so terrifying! Strykul did admit that she had flipped the bird to the other driver, who had already cut them off twice. "When she did that, I threw up my hands and flipped her off," she admitted with regret.

"She did the whole zig zag in three lanes with her flashers on, kind of like what a police officer would do if they were trying to slow down traffic," she said. "I could not believe this was real. I was sitting there going, 'This has to be a joke.'"

Take a look at this video and try not to be freaked out.


I can't even imagine how freaked out these girls were! Flipping the bird is such a common way to express momentary anger at jerky drivers on the road, but with batty people like this out there, maybe we should keep our middle fingers to ourselves.

The other driver, Deidre Orozco, 50, was arrested on a litany of charges, including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of false imprisonment, unlawful use of a badge, reckless driving, and resisting arrest. Even her old landlord admitted, "She had temper, she had a temper. And I thought listen, I do my job, my job is to collect my rent. And you don't pay the rent, you don’t have a right to live in my place."

Maybe these girls shouldn't have flipped this other driver off, but that doesn't give her any excuse to try and run them off the road. 

Have you ever flipped someone off on the road?


Image via vanessa 13 16/YouTube

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