1-Year-Old & 5-Year-Old Left Alone in Repossessed SUV Get Towed Away

When you leave your kids at daycare, you expect them to be taken care of, right? It's not going to be mommy or daddy, but you at least expect them to be looked after and kept safe. One Newark, New Jersey daycare worker made a major mistake recently, as she left her charges in a car while she shopped, and the car got towed with the kids inside.


Tonya Robinson, 40, left two children in her care inside a locked SUV while she went Christmas shopping. Police say that the tow-truck driver didn't know the children were in the car until he got to the tow-yard and heard them from inside. Apparently the tinted windows kept him from noticing them beforehand.

Robinson reported her car missing after she parked it in a tow-away zone, and was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. She was arrested after calling the cops to report her missing vehicle.

What in the world was this woman thinking? It's probably fortuitous that she parked in a tow-away zone, just because the children ended up discovered before anything treacherous could happen to them. I'm just hoping they felt like they were on a cool ride or something being towed, instead of neglected.

The kids weren't harmed, and were handed over to a second daycare provider, who eventually reunited them with their parents. I can't even imagine the feels these parents felt upon learning that their kiddos were left in a parked car while the person they trusted to care for them went shopping.

Robinson was released on bail, and faces charges on January 7 in Family Court. No matter what happens, let's just hope that she never puts kids in danger like this again.

Would you be horrified if these were your kids?


Image via Harry nl_/Flickr

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