​Mom Finds Missing 3-Year-Old Son in Pictures With ISIS Terrorists

A mother of a 3-year-old boy is begging for her son to be returned to her after she says she saw his little face on a poster for the ISIS terrorist group. Lidia Herrera told an Italian TV show that she left her son with his father in Italy while she went to visit family in Cuba. She says she was shocked when the father, who never gave an inkling that he sympathized with the terrorists, picked up and took her child and left to join the fighting in Syria. Now she desperately wants her son home.


Herrera's son Ismail's father is believed to have been killed in fighting, so the tearful mom says she has no idea who the boy is with right now. She told the TV show:

I never stop thinking about him; whether he is cold, whether he’s hungry, if he needs me. He is small. He needs his mother.

It's unclear how she saw the picture of the boy, who is wearing an ISIS headband and has a small assault rifle strapped to his chest, but she is certain it is her boy.

Herrera was raised Catholic but says she converted to Islam for the boy's father, who came from Bosnia. But she says he never mentioned wanting to join ISIS or go to Syria or she never would have left the two of them together. Now she just wants her son back.

I can't imagine being in her position, wondering if her son is hungry, cold, being loved, asking where his parents are. But I fear she is trying to wring blood from a stone. Clearly, the members of ISIS will think it is better for her son to be with them than to be with "infidels."

Maybe someone with a heart who is near this boy will take pity on him and her and return the boy, but these are terrorists. Totally tragic.

What would you do?


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