Mom Hands Stranger Her 3-Month-Old Baby & Takes Off

Most moms would absolutely die before abandoning their children. But one woman from Phoenix reportedly stopped a stranger outside of an apartment complex and, literally, handed her 3-month-old daughter to her -- then took off. Jennifer Argo claims the mom gave her the baby and that she was wearing nothing but a onesie and a thin hat. She bundled her up, fed, and changed her, and says she had a feeling the entire time that the baby's mother wasn't coming back for her.


Argo, who is a mother of three, later found out that the mom lives close to her apartment and that three other children, ages 12, 6, and 18 months, were at her home at the time and not harmed in any way, thank goodness.

The woman was later discovered by police, who say she is 39 and told them she couldn't afford to feed or clothe her baby and has six more children who are "on top of a nearby mountain." She also reportedly gave cops a few different stories about what she did with her infant. She is being evaluated by a psychiatric center.

The baby has been turned over to the custody of her biological father, who says he was treating the apartment for insects at the time that he noticed the baby's mother had left.

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It seems pretty obvious that this woman had problems and, possibly, psychological issues. If that was the case, I wonder if anyone around her tried to intervene and provide help? I wonder why she would abandon her child this way, if she felt she honestly could no longer care for her, instead of looking into more sane options, like an adoption center or a relative.

This is one of those cases in which I can't help but feel for everyone involved: from this innocent baby and her siblings, to the mom, to the dad who is now raising his children alone.

Why do you think this mom would leave her baby with a complete stranger?


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