Wife Kills Herself After Finding Out Husband Is a Pedophile


A wife was so devastated after her husband admitted to being a pedophile that she killed herself. The woman, Jenny Mullinger, reportedly jumped in front of a train near Bristol, England. What apparently drove her to it is one of the worst things a wife can find out about her husband.


A 9-year-old girl reportedly told her parents that David Mullinger, 64, had been "fiddling with [her] bits," and he eventually admitted to touching her above and below her underwear. He pleaded guilty to two sexual assaults of a girl under 13 and he was jailed for three years.

Shortly after she found out what he had done, Jenny Mullinger committed suicide, according to the Daily Mirror UK, by jumping in front of a train.

This is really tragic. Who knows what was going through this woman's mind exactly, but I can imagine she felt like her entire marriage was a lie -- that she didn't know her husband at all. Since David is reportedly 64, my guess is these two have been married most of their lives. That's a long time to go without knowing something so dark about your husband. The shock must have been brutal.

Not to mention that the way this society is, people probably half-blamed her for her husband's crimes. Look at the way Stephen Collins' ex-wife, Faye, was vilified for recording Collins' confession. Unfortunately, we live in a "blame the wife/woman" world.

Probably many people assumed this poor wife knew about what happened and turned the other way. Isn't that what people assume of Jerry Sandusky's wife?

Who knows, maybe people whispered that she MUST have been part of the whole thing -- perhaps she brought the girl to him!

Yep, that's the sick, twisted world we live in, folks. If you're the wife of a criminal, pedophile, cheater, or pretty much any man who does anything wrong, well, YOU must be wrong somehow too!

Of course, that's utter crap. I'm sure the poor woman was absolutely devastated and ashamed and horrified. Obviously. She took her own life over it.

The husband is at least showing some remorse. Says his lawyer:

He suffers himself daily. He bears responsibility and knows the consequences such as the loss of his wife. She took her own life and that has impacted on everyone for the rest of their lives.

What a tragedy all the way around. Remember this story next time you are tempted to bad mouth the woman caught up in her husband's sins.


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