Man & Woman Married 69 Years Die Within One Hour of Each Other

Anyone who doesn't believe in soulmates need only read this story to have his or her theory shaken. Giuseppe Fortuna, 91, and Livia Franceschi Fortuna, 86, of Stamford, Conn. reportedly died within one hour of each other at a nursing home because, after 69 years of marriage, the lovebirds couldn't stand to be apart. And what makes this story even more refreshing is that, according to their daughter, their relationship wasn't all roses and chocolate -- it was a very real one that simply stood the test of time because of a deep connection, respect, and love for one another.


The dynamic duo came to America after meeting and falling in love in Rome when they were younger. After their health started to fade, they lived together at Smith House Health Care Center in Stamford until Giuseppe, who suffered from dementia and cancer, died on Dec. 13.

Now, here's what truly wild: one week before her husband passed away, Livia told her grandson that Giuseppe wasn't going to make it -- and that she would be "going with him." When she learned he had died that day, Livia was inconsolable, according to her family members. She died an hour later, though it isn't clear from what, exactly. Before her death, Livia reportedly had chronic obstructive lung disease.

The couple's daughter, Angela Munzenmair said her parents' marriage was often volatile and that they fought over petty things. But, at the end of the day, she says they liked making up and didn't want to live without one another.

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I'm sure we could have all learned a lot from this couple and it's inspiring to hear about how they lived through World War II, raised children, ran a Tuscan restaurant, welcomed grandchildren into their lives, dealt with sickness -- and continued to value and respect their relationship as one of the most important parts of their lives. Just beautiful -- may they both rest in peace.

Do you believe in soulmates?


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