Mother Sues Cops for $30 Million for NOT Arresting Her Son

A mother is suing the Commack, New York police department for not arresting her son. While most moms would be furious if their precious sons got arrested, Kathi Fedden wishes her son had been -- because he was drunk, high, and speeding when cops caught up to him in July of 2013. But instead of arresting him, the cops, who were friendly with popular local deli owner Peter Fedden, drove him home instead of sticking him in the clink. That turned out to be a huge mistake.


On the night in question, Fedden so inebriated that he was driving 90 miles an hour, rammed his car through a fence, drove across two lawns, and then smashed into a parked car in a driveway. But cops who were buddy-buddy with Fedden, who gave them food discounts at his deli, decided to tow his smashed car and give Fedden a ride home.

You can be sure this isn't what would have happened to the average citizen. Unless you are friends or family with a cop, anyone putting lives in danger like this would have surely been arrested.

Not Fedden. He was pals with cops, so they did him a favor and dropped him off at home. Only, it turns out it wasn't a favor at all.

Never mind that he had just wrecked his car and almost killed the two passengers he had with him, a half an hour after cops dropped him off, Fedden grabbed his mom's car and took off. This time the 29-year-old wasn't so lucky. Driving at 100 miles an hour, he smashed into a brick building and died.

Now his mom wants $30 million from police.

I don't think his mom deserves a penny -- if he hadn't killed himself that night, it sounds like he would have some other night.

But I do have a problem with the way cops routinely allow pals to get away with crimes. This is something that is basically legitimate -- police officers have the right to use discretion with individuals and don't have to arrest everyone. In fact, friends and family of cops are routinely issues PBA cards which allow them to get out of minor infractions.

But someone driving drunk at 90 miles an hour who just crashed into a car and drove over people's lawns? This is really someone you're going to slap on the shoulder and escort home?

The police could have had no way of knowing Fedden would have access to another car -- nor that he would head back out to put more lives in danger. And mommy shouldn't be getting $30 million for her son's incredible recklessness.

But the cops need to rethink the way they treat drunk drivers they happen to be friends with. Because next time they'll be getting sued by the mother of the innocent person the drunk killed.

Should the cops have let him go? Should the mom sue?


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