8 Children Found Stabbed to Death in Their Home

Police reportedly found eight dead children and a woman believed to be the mother of seven of them suffering from stab wounds inside of a home on Friday in Cairns, Australia. The cops were called after reportedly receiving a tip about a woman with serious injuries, but likely never expected to encounter such horror: the youngest child killed was 18 months old and the oldest was 15. Several key details have yet to be made public, but one has us suspecting the worst.


A detective on the case did not reveal how the children died. One of the woman's other sons, who is 20, reportedly came home and discovered his seven brothers and sisters -- and an eighth victim who is believed to be a relative -- dead.

The mother, 34, suffered stab wounds to her chest and was taken to a hospital, where she is in stable condition.

Now here's where things possibly take a turn for the predictable -- and I'm sorry to have to say that, but it seems true these days. Police believe the incident is an isolated one and that there isn't a multiple murderer still on the loose.

Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar wouldn't say whether the injured mother was a suspect, but they did say they were questioning her -- along with everyone else who has been in contact with the family in the last few days. The woman has reportedly been cooperating with authorities.

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Police confirmed that there's no reason for the public to be alarmed because the situation is under control and there is no threat to anyone else. Our hearts go out to these incredibly young victims and to the surviving sibling and mother who have to go through their lives coping with this horrific loss.

What do you think happened here?


Image via Ian Hitchhock/Getty Images

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