Dad Mistakenly Severs Toddler's Foot With Lawnmower (VIDEO)

A family is struggling mightily over the holidays thanks to a freak and devastating accident -- but the policeman who responded to the family's cries for help is taking up the charge to make sure their holidays are a bit brighter. Reyes Mendez was mowing the lawn of his backyard in Fresno, California, when his youngest child, 18-month-old Roseanne, came whirring down a slide -- and right into the path of the lawnmower. One foot went right under the machine and was tragically cut off.


Roseanne's parents rushed to a neighbor's home and pleaded for help. The neighbor called 911. Soon paramedics were on the scene, and the little girl, as well as her severed foot, were on their way to the hospital.

But doctors could not reattach her foot.

Mendez, who worked in a restaurant and was his family's sole source of income, quit his job and moved with the family to a Ronald McDonald House near UC San Francisco's Pediatric Unit. Meanwhile, the bills began piling up.

That's when something extraordinary happened. The officer who first responded to the traumatic scene, Fresno Police Officer Paige McQuay, decided to spearhead fundraising efforts for the family. He placed donation jars at various police stations and a community medical center.

In a week, the jars collected $600. Then the Fresno Police Chaplaincy pitched in another $1,000. An online account was also started.

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McQuay personally delivered the check to the family. He says they don't speak English, but that wasn't needed to understand their gratitude. The big-hearted cop told KMPH:

I could see them start shaking their heads and crying. Obviously, they are sincerely grateful for the help they are being given without asking.

While little Roseanne faces a long recovery, the family is just thankful that complete strangers stepped up and offered to help. That's really the Christmas spirit.

 KMPH FOX 26 | Central San Joaquin Valley News Source

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