Student Laces Teacher's Drink With 'Horny Goat Weed' for Stupid Reason

Ugh, poor teachers. The things they have to put up with these days! The latest example of a teacher really earning her salary happened in Charlotte, North Carolina. A 15-year-old student, reportedly mad that his teacher had taken away his laptop, decided to get revenge by sneaking a pill into her drink.


According to investigators, the student crushed up some Horny Goat Weed and stuck it into her drink. The herbal supplement is normally used to try and help a variety of ailments such as joint pain and memory loss and even sexual dysfunction, but the student saw the word "weed" and apparently thought it was a marijuana pill of some type -- and that once she drank it, she'd act all high and end up getting fired. 

While the pill was unlikely to change her behavior, sneak-feeding a pill of any kind to anyone is wrong. You never know when someone may have an allergy or is taking medication that shoudn't be mixed with anything else.

Reportedly, the student tossed the drink before the teacher could sip from it, but it's unclear if that is because the student had an attack of conscience or because the teacher reportedly walked back into the room and saw some students tampering with her drink.

Reportedly, the student may be facing a felony offense charge.

Teens do really stupid things. A felony offense seems pretty harsh -- the student should just be suspended and perhaps have to write an essay about why he's sorry he did this. Putting a kid in jail over slipping a teacher an herbal supplement that she didn't even drink seems like overkill.

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Meanwhile, school officials tell teachers they should always keep their drinks covered -- and apparently with good reason!

Should the teen go to prison?

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